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Canadian Frac Sand Logistics & Market Forecast Summit 2015

Frac sand demand is anticipated to continue it's staggering growth and increase from 28 million tons to 84 million tons by the end of 2016. However, with oil prices almost halving in the last 6 months, the Canadian frac sand industry is scrambling to determine how this will impact the market for proppants and what steps need to be taken to lean the supply chain in order to economically serve end users who are now looking to cut costs.

Indeed, the lack of clarity on the very volatile volumes, types and locations of demand for frac sand has created huge challenges gaining capital for new oil and sand industry projects. What's more, differing qualities of Canadian, American and Chinese producers competing to meet demand face increased scrutiny from E&Ps and well service companies now re-evaluating frac sand formulas being used at the well head.

Additionally, key challenges are still being faced across the frac sand supply chain ranging from bottlenecks in the railroad routes and rail car availability, a lack of transloading and sand storage infrastructure, and the risk of downward pressure on prices as a result of a plunge in oil prices.


And so, Canada's most well-attended frac sand event, the Canadian Frac Sand Logistics & Market Forecast Summit 2015, will be returning for its 2nd year bringing together E&Ps, Well Service Compaines, Frac Sand Producers and Railroads to focus on practical solutions for responding to the oil price crash and reducing the costs whilst maximizing the efficiencies of the getting frac sand to Canadian well sites across the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, including:

                    o Duvernay                         o Montney
                     o Bakken                             o Viking
                    o Horn River                       o Cardium


DAY 1 will outline the requirements E&Ps have on the supply chain, before determining frac sand requirements based on volume, type, and location for frac sand demand from well service companies. We will then examine the impact that falling oil prices will have on drilling activity as well as assess what it being done to alleviate the downward pressure on pricing throughout the supply chain - but on the other hand, we will assess how LNG exports will drive incremental demand for frac sand in Western Canada. Speakers will then explore the strategies for increasing railroad capacity and optimizing the utilization of rail cars as well as analyzing current and future transloading infrastructure. Day 1 culminates in multi-stakeholder panel examining the distribution of responsibilities throughout the frac sand supply chain and how to optimize supply chain management.

DAY 2 will open with frac sand producers projecting the very latest volumes and types of frac sand being supplied into the Canadian market as well as providing a heat map of the different draw rates for natural frac sand, resin coated proppant, and ceramic proppant. Speakers will then compare the qualities,performance efficiencies, and pricing dynamics of emerging Canadian domestic sand with US northern white, before examining the landscape for current and future levels of imported proppant from Chinese markets to meet demand. The day continues with speakers analyzing the advancements for both onsite and infield storage options as well as examining how to retain frac sand quality from cradle to grave to meet end user specifications. For the final part, speakers will explore strategies for reducing bottlenecks in trucking and improving last mile delivery before analyzing regulation for silicosis prevention and the re-design, re-engineering, and mock-firing of equipment to manage dust control.



After The Breakout Success Of Last Year's Summit, Well Service Companies, E&Ps, Frac Sand Producers & Railroads Return To...

... determine the best strategies for improving the economics of the Canadian Frac Sand Supply Chain and address the topic at the forefront of every companies mind: responding to falling oil prices.

New speakers will shed light on a totally revamped agenda with topics including:

  • EVALUATING THE IMPACT OF LOW OIL PRICES ON THE FRAC SAND INDUSTRY IN CANADA : Providing a forensic analysis on how falling oil prices will impact frac sand demand, logistics and pricing dynamics across Canada
  • E&P REQUIREMENTS ON THE SUPPLY CHAIN: This year in addition to the perspectives from frac sand producers and well service companies, the summit will feature multiple perspectives from Canadian E&Ps on their frac sand strategies during the oil price decline
  • PRESSURE PUMPER PANEL EXPLORING FRAC SAND FORMULAS USED AT THE WELL HEAD: Providing an all new overview from well frac service companies on the performance and requirements on frac sand based on volumes, types and locations
  • CANADIAN, AMERICAN, & CHINESE FRAC SAND PRODUCER PERSPECTIVES: Projecting the latest forecasts based on the volumes, types and locations of frac sand distribution for Natural Frac Sand, Resin Coated Proppant and Ceramic Proppants
  • 360° RAIL PERSPECTIVES FROM BOTH CN RAIL & CP RAIL : This year, CN Rail will be joined by CP Rail to ensure that attendees get a comprehensive view of the plans for optimizing rail infrastructure for frac sand in Canada during 2015


ANC Transloading Inc.

"This summit series is a great way to gather information on specific areas of the frac sand supply chain. There are always one or...


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